Welcome to CoreGravity website! Here you'll find detailed descriptions of the activities of Robotics, its  related Electronics , Electronic software, as well as related efforts  around the CoreGravity Laboratory. CoreGravity is solely managed by an individual who is an engineer in Electronics and Communications and experienced in product development for aerospace applications in particular electromechanical projects, for any quires please go through the contact page. click here --> Contact Me

Software Section

  • Software used in CoreGravity Robotic projects
  • Sample code for Embedded applications.
  • Articles on C language
  • Example code for Micro Controllers.
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    CoreGravity Presents Two Wheel Robot (Rover)

  • Follows a Route Map
  • Detects Obstacles
  • Path Finder
  • Built on Two wheels
  • Carries a heavy pay load
  • Rotates 360 on same axis
  • what to know more about this robot click here (see video) --> Robotics

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    Electronics Section

  • Circuits used in CoreGravity Robotic projects
  • Schematics of various Electronic Embedded Modules with Micro Controllers
  • Articles on practical  Electronic Applications
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